Despatch and Receival


For product & goods coming into Stirlings Performance Steels, our Receivals Department was established to de-stuff, re-stock and review all products coming in from our vast catalogue of supply. The Receivals team handles each incoming package with care and specially made materials handling equipment. From there, the products are check for quality purposes and then relocated to the stock holding facility of the warehouse.

Stirlings’ Despatch Department has been established to ensure an efficient and safe means of product handling and transportation. The despatch department ensures that every order is checked by quality personnel and despatched through the appropriate form of transport.

Every order is treated with care and is packaged to ensure that all goods are transported safely and securely to the customer. Stirlings Performance Steels' despatch department can also arrange shipment via couriers and our own trucks for one-day delivery.



Credit Return Policy

Goods processed to the customer’s specifications are not returnable.
Other goods may be returned if returned within 14 days of their delivery in their original and undamaged condition and if authorised in writing by the Company, with freight and other costs charged to the customer.

The company reserves the right to charge a handling and restocking fee of up to 25% of the sale price of goods returned.

Western Australia



Kristine Bowser
Warehouse Coordinator - Despatch
Western Australia
Direct Line: +61 8 9366 6745


Jason Kennedy
Warehouse Manager - Receival
Direct Line: +61 8 9366 6742


Allen Crow
Operations Supervisor - Receival
Direct Line: +61 8 9366 6781


Darryn Stephens
Warehouse Inventory Controller
Direct Line: +61 8 9366 6729



Leanne Chrispin
Operations Supervisor - Despatch
Direct Line: +61 8 9366 6706


Sammi-Jo Ruki
Warehouse Coordinator - Despatch 
Direct Line: +61 8 9366 6739


Jeremy Fitzgerald
Despatch Clerk
Direct Line: +61 8 9366 6708







Leon Cross
Warehouse Manager - Despatch
Direct Line: +61 8 9366 6743

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm Local Time 



sean Sean O'Rourke
Territory Warehouse Supervisor
Direct Line: +61 7 5631 0308
shane Shane Magin
Warehouse Manager
Direct Line: +61 7 5631 0304


Business Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm Local Time



rod Rodney Callinan
Sales & Operation Supervisor -
Direct Line: +61 3 6277 6107
rod Dean Graham
Warehouse Manager


Business Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm Local Time


Western Australia
Cnr North Lake Road
and Sobek Pass,
Bibra Lake, WA, 6163

Ph:+61 8 9366 6700
1041 Beaudesert Road,
QLD, 4108

Ph:+61 7 5631 0300
8 Lampton Ave,
Derwent Park,
TAS, 7009

Ph:+61 3 6277 6100





New South Wales
Contact: 0422 408 485 


South Australia
Contact: 0458 010 191 


Contact: 0447 792 516 


Northern Territory
Contact: 0458 010 191

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